Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Progress on the new painting


I have now done further work to the small painting with butterflies.

I have added detail to the landscape, particularly to the flowers and plants in the foreground. For this, I have been using Paynes Grey, Indian Red, Burnt Umber and Titanium White, as well as Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine for some of the flower detail.

I have also added detail to the butterflies. I had already established the Peacock and the Small Tortoiseshell. I have now defined a Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Purple Emperor, Cloudy Yellow, Brimstone, Chalk Blue and Adonis Blue

I have found that mixing the oil with a glazing medium (diluted with turpentine) leads to a flatter application and significantly reduces drying time.

I will still need to leave it for about a week before I work on it again.

The painting now looks like this:


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