Wednesday 29 March 2023

Page of Cups


Here is a new coloured pencil drawing from my sketch book.

Until next time


Saturday 25 March 2023

Cat's Paw


Many years ago, I painted a small oil painting, which I called 'Cat's Paw'.

This was before I had a mobile phone, or a particularly good camera .

The painting was sold and this is the only image I have of it.

I still like the concept and have just finished a new (slightly larger) version.

As you can see, I decided to reverse the direction of the composition.

I also tried out a different painting technique. 

This is mixed media. I painted initially in acrylic and worked over this with oils, using a glazing medium.

This worked quite well and I think I will use this technique again.

Until next time


Wednesday 22 March 2023

Leather Dominance


Here is a new ink drawing from my sketch book.

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Sunday 19 March 2023



I was out all day at two re-enactors' markets, so did not manage to post.

I collected my re-bladed hand-and-a-half sword and only bought a couple of interesting bottles of booze and a couple of small items- so  not bad really...

I also caught up with lots of folk I've not seen for ages and some ( what with covid and all) I've not seen for years...


I was looking through one of my old sketch books the other day and came across this ink drawing

I was working on a painting of a balrog from 'Lord of the Rings' , based on the actual description, which uses the term 'Wings/' as a simile and a metaphor referring to that simile. 

There was also no indication that the balrog was either deformed, or hideous.

Thus I decided on a pure 'spirit of fire' approach.

This led to this painting

Until next time


Wednesday 15 March 2023

Boy Wonder Captured


I found this drawing of Robin in bondage in on of my sketch books...

Until next time


Saturday 11 March 2023

Youth with sword


I have just finished a new acrylic painting.

This is about A3.

As an experiment, I airbrushed and painted this on smooth mountboard , rather than canvas-textured artboard. 

I wanted to see if I could use airbrush masking successfully ( i.e. without tearing the surface on removal) on mountboard.

It seems to work reasonably well with low-tack masking, but I still had a few areas of residual stickiness that I then had to paint over.

Until next time


Wednesday 8 March 2023



Not long ago I posted about my new painting of Napoleon on Mars.

I recently came across the drawing that inspired it, so I thought I would give it another outing.

The model for this is one of my ball-jointed dolls ( Yoshitsune) on his to-scale Harley.

This led to  "Napoleon crossing the Tartarus Montes"

Until next time


Saturday 4 March 2023

Heraldic description


I have studied heraldry for many years  and served as King of Arms for the Far Isles Medieval Society until I  left a few years ago.

In that time I approved and designed many achievements of arms.

This also meant that I had to know how to blazon ( describe arms in heraldic language).

I maintain my interest and look out for achievements that have a pleasing design, or an elegant blazon.

I came across this one recently on the web 

I have always looked out for interesting divided fields, as charges of  metal, colour, or proper can be charged on them.

This field is reminiscent of chequey, but I think should be blazoned

per fess paly ermine and bendy azure and or counter charged


paly ermine and bendy azure and or counter charged fesswise

It is both a pleasing design and an elegant blazon.

Until next time


Wednesday 1 March 2023

Strip Suit


Here is a new picture from my sketchbook

This has been done entirely in cloured pens.

Until next time