Wednesday 29 April 2020

New Steampunked gun


A year or so ago I aquired an old damaged percussion-cap fowling piece from a friend.

He had bought it some time ago with the intention of steampunking it, but had never got around to it.

As it was cluttering up his place, he passed it on to me.

I have now finished my creation:

I am calling it the Shelly-Byron Precision Galvlock 

(As it is a muzzle-loader, I thought that a galvanic mechanism was appropriate and if the Shellys had the idea, Byron would have provided the money.)

You should also note that the sight is a real miniature telescope.

Until next time


Sunday 26 April 2020

Dress-up David outfits 2


Here is an extra post.

These are outfits I made for my Dress-Up David fridge magnet.

This is Beach-Wear.

I've used a t-shirt and sneakers from the original set in some versions.

Until next time 


Tuesday 21 April 2020

Small game Hunter Returns 2


Here is more of my new work with Fimo clay.

This one is a sprite.

This is a Lusty Leatehrboy ( faerilad keentasubferus ).

Until next time


Sunday 19 April 2020

Dress Up David


Here is a n extra post for this week.

I was given a Dress Up David fridge magnet some time ago.

This had several different outfits, but I wanted more.

I bought some magnetic canvas and made some.

Here is the Fifteenth Century set:

And just because...

I will post about the other outfits later.

Until next time.


Tuesday 14 April 2020

The Small Game Hunter returns


I have been making more small figures and creatures out of Fimo clay recently.

This is a Liliputian.

As usual, I have a little fun with the latin names...

 This is a Blue Crier ( iphitneus ialyelitatus).

Until next time


Wednesday 8 April 2020

New drawing


Here is a new drawing of a young man.

Until next time


Sunday 5 April 2020

The Purple Dalek


Here is an extra post for this week

A friend arranged a session at a ceramic painting workshop  a few weeks ago .

You choose an unglazed object and paint the glazes onto it. There were previously glazed examples to show what the colours would look like.

I chose a dalek money box. It had the eye stalk, manipulator and gun (which are plastic)  inside it in a little bag, like dalek gibblets.

We had to leave them there to be fired and she arranged to go back to collect them.Teddy then collected them from met her at another even. I  then fitted the eye stalk etc .

This is the first time I have tried this and I think it came out quite well

 Until next time