Wednesday 26 July 2017

More work to new painting

I have now completed the under painting ,added an initial green glaze and have done some additional work over the base glaze

The painting last looked like this

It now looks like this

I will work on the green areas until I am happy with them and then move on to the flesh tones.

Until next time


Wednesday 19 July 2017

Magnificent Moth

I often use butterflies when painting my Landscape of Dreams and am always looking out for new  and interesting ones to use.

Some time ago ,at night, I saw an unusual moth in my garden, but,unfortunately did not have my camera with me. It was large and had an magnificent pattern of black and white stripes.

Then, last week I saw another one, in broad daylight, sitting on the baseboard of my fence.

This time I managed to get a photo. I think it is a Jersey Tiger moth and, according to my butterfly and moth book,Wimbledon is quite far north for it...

I will probably do a watercolour study of  it to begin with  and may then use it in later paintings.

Until next time


Wednesday 12 July 2017

The Fairest

This acrylic is the old tale of Beauty and the magic mirror, only this time it’s a man falling for the line that  he’s the fairest in all the land...

Until next time


Wednesday 5 July 2017

Race a red horse

This is a small acrylic in the ‘letting my subconscious out for a jog’  category.

I just had this image in my head and let it happen...

Until next time