Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Making ‘Dastardly in Motley’: Part Four

The Doublet

For this I decided to go for a slashed effect, using the arch and hearts for the slashes.

To emphasise the offset design of the playing card, I decided to adapt a fifteenth century doublet to make it double-breasted, with the poltock showing above the crossover.

The slashes

It was quite difficult to make the arches and hearts turn through neatly and smoothly to form smooth constant curves and sharp points.

The front

back (before addition of large heart)

The front cross over

Once the final heart and braid had been added, I made a right sleeve in blue velvet, the front slash edged in yellow braid and linked halfway with a red padded heart and left slashed sleeve in yellow satin, linked the same, but edged in red.

The whole garment was flat lined, edged in bias and sewn together.

In  part 5, I will talk about the hose and poltock.


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