Wednesday 25 November 2015

Differencing Arms 2

When Bishop Theophilus was elected monarch of the Far Isles (then a principality), he was also elevated to the rank of archbishop.

Consequently, arms had to be approved for the Archdiocese of the Far Isles.

The arms of the Far Isles are as follows:

Gules an oak branch slipped and fruited argent enbowed palewise and an apple branch slipped and fruited or counter enbowed palewise.

Appearing thus

I always looked on differencing as a challenge, as the arms must both look like the original and be significantly different.

I differenced these arms for the archdiocese by charging a gold mitre between the two branches and adding white border argent with ten red crosses.

The blazon becomes:

Gules a mitre or between an oak branch slipped and fruited argent enbowed palewise and an apple branch slipped and fruited of the second counter enbowed palewise within a border of the second with ten crosses pate of the first.

Which looked like this

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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Steampunked Nerf Derringer

I Steampunked this little Air Derringer for my Fiancée, Teddy.

I  sanded off the logos with a mini drill.

I airbrushed dark grey and dark brown under the metal areas and airbrushed and painted the metal effects over

I then applied a matt varnish

The pistol still fires

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Wednesday 11 November 2015

New crest for great helm

For the second version of the de Velmont crest, I managed to find a small block of wood suitable for carving and carved it as a single piece.

For this I used a fairly cheap set of woodcarving chisels and a mini drill.

The mitre has come out flatter, due to the restrictions of the largest bit of wood I could buy, but I was able to carve more of the demon’s head and face.

I then drilled a hold in the base so it could be attached to the helm with a screw.

I sealed the wood with a coat of diluted acrylic and then painted the crest, shading into the contours to enhance them.

Once it was dry, I glued some jewels to the mitre with Araldite.

It now looks like this

Until next time


Wednesday 4 November 2015

The Purple Pimpernel

I have posted previously about the design and construction of a costume called Dastardly in Motley, showing how I brought a drawn concept to life.

This is another good example.

I have always liked the cut-away coats of the 1790 and had acquired some purple crush velvet.
This would be inappropriate for an authentic coat, but lead on to the costume concept.

What, I asked myself, would a Goth have worn in 1790?

I decided on black breeches and waistcoat, a black shirt with black and gold lace and a choice of either purple stockings with black shoes, or black stockings under black knee-boots.
I drew this picture

I used black calico for the shirt and stock and black denim for the breeches.

I had some grograin silk for the waistcoat. This had a chequered patterning at one side, which I used on the turn-back lapels. I used black and gold buttons on the coat and waistcoat.

For the presentation, I made myself up white face and used black and purple lipstick. I spray-dyed my hair( long at the time) black with a central purple stripe and accessorised with one black leather glove , a black and gold quizzer mask and a cane.

The pictures are by Paul Holroyd and are used with consent.

It is still quite gratifying how closely the completed costume resembles the concept drawing.

Until next time