Wednesday 12 June 2024

Guards Steampunk 1


A while ago, I was lucky enough to find an Irish Guards musician's dress tunic in a charity shop.

It was missing the cuffs ( and cuff buttons), one shoulder button, the wing epaulettes and the previous owner had attached some random small British military buttons to the raw sleeve ends by making holes and backing them with rings.

However, it fit me with the raw sleeve ends being only a little too long, so I bought it.

Originally, I planned to make replica cuffs , using my Scots Guard tunic as a pattern, but I have now decided to gently Steampunk it.

First, I trimmed an inch or so from the sleeve ends and added new cuffs, edged with a turn of tape.


The tap is very narrow, so I sewed it on by hand.

So far, the new cuff mimics the original uniform, however...

I am currently working on the button flaps and will post more later.

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Thursday 6 June 2024

Judge Declan 4


Here is another version of my new computer art.

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Wednesday 5 June 2024

Regency Ball 3


Here are some more pictures from the Regency Ball Teddy and I attended at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

Here are some of the other attendees

We danced in the music room.

and Teddy and I dined in the Great Kitchen

Finally, it was all organised by Zack Pinsent, who attended in his splendid Windsor Uniform( complete with small sword, Garter and Garter Star)

It was an excellent event and we both really enjoyed it.

The only fly in the ointment, was our accommodation, which had purported to be a small hotel on line.

It, unfortunately, turned out to be a run-down dosshouse with an all-night  Burger King next door. This was used as a taxi pick-up point for the noisy beach-side nightclub just over the road- into the small hours.

This-and several other massive failings- earned the place a very negative review...

However, to end on a more positive note, Teddy and I had gone to a couple of Regency Dance practices to prepare for the event and, as we have discovered these take place fortnightly in Surbtion ( at a easy walk from the station) we have decided to continue to go and hope to attend  further balls.

Now, I've just got to make some more breeches...and another shirt...and maybe a coat...and I should look out for new bicorn...

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Saturday 1 June 2024

Judge Declan 3


Here is another version of this new computer art.

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