Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Making ' Dastadly in Motley' : Part Six (final)

 Accessories & Presentation

The Hat, Shoes & Plate

I based this on a three dimensional representation of the hat shown on the playing card and made it from stiffened red cotton with black and white bias tape. The shoes were red ballet pumps. I found a paper plate which had a fetching blue china style design.

The Hair and Make-up

The hair was made from carefully curled stiff yellow paper. It is the only part of the costume that I did not retain after the presentation. I wore limited make-up, with a drawn pencil moustache


I am an experienced costumer and knew well that even the best costume can be ruined by poor, or over long, presentation.  I knew I need music and I knew I needed to get full value from the reveals.

I chose a medieval tune with a good strong drum beat.

I stood with my back to the audience with the plate in my hand. The audience could only see the blue and white back of the tabard.

 I had the announcer read out: ‘The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a summer’s day; the Knave of Hearts he stole those tarts and took them right away’, at which point I mimed eating heartily and then threw the plate away.

The music started and I completed a half circle to pause, full face to the audience. I had a moderate audience reaction to the front of the tabard.  I them completed the circle, paused, undid the poppers on the tabard and let it fall.

After another brief pause (in which I had another modest audience reaction), I turned to do another half circle to the front of the stage, giving the audience a view of the front of the doublet and the heart codpiece.
 I had an excellent audience reaction, with much laughter, at this point. I paused at the front them completed my second circle to freeze in the position of the playing card at my starting point.

Then the title was announced and I got another excellent audience reaction.

Time always goes slowly for a performer on stage, but I doubt  that I was out there for more than two or three minutes.


(By Paul Holroyd, used with permission)

The outer layer

The under layer

I was awarded’ Best in Class (Journeyman) and must now present any future costumes in the Master category.

This was the first appliquéd costume I have made and I am particularly pleased with how  closely it resembles the preliminary sketches.

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