Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Making 'Dastardly in Motley'; Part five

The Hose and Poltock

The Hose

These were based on fifteenth century footed fitted hose and party coloured in blue stretch velvet and yellow stretch satin. I decided to include the blue and yellow codpiece with the padded heart in red satin forming an over-codpiece, laced and tethered to it. The points were yellow laces.

The fit of the hose was quite difficult, as the velvet and satin stretched differently.


The Poltock

This was based on a fifteenth century design, with hook fastenings up the front. It was made from red patterned cloth designed to allow a triangle to be seen at the front of the doublet.

 In the sixth and final part, I will talk about the accessories , make-up and presentation.


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