Wednesday 24 February 2016

Isle of Glass

I did this oil painting, ‘Isle of Glass’, in 2007.

The title refers to one of the names for the tor, Ynys Witrin .

It was inspired by the various legends and stories about Glastonbury.

I have referenced the Christian legacy with the crossed keys on the heraldic sun and the ruins of the abbey .
The unicorn  and the eagle represent the chivalric and questing aspects of the Arthurian legends

The largest water drop was meant to also resemble a fish bowl. The diving figure is a back reference to a much earlier painting inspired by an observation gallery at a swimming pool.

I also wanted to play with paths and perception in this picture, as I tried to give the viewer several different paths to explore within it.

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Wednesday 17 February 2016


I am (probably justly) infamous for my puns.

Here is  a cartoon based on Star Wars

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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Musing on compound Field divisions

I have posted about the German compound field divisions of Pally Bendy and Bary Bendy,which are always counter charged.

 it then struck me that compounding Paly with Barry


and countercharging results in Chequy

Then I noted that distorting Chequy results in Fusily in Bend.

Whereas chequy in bend ( which could also be read as bendy contrabendy counter charged)

Can be distorted to make fusily

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Wednesday 3 February 2016

The Bishop in the Garden of Strife.

This is an interesting amalgam of a self portrait and a portrait of the persona I assume when re-enacting.

I used various photographs of myself, as well as heraldry and floral imagery from illuminated manuscripts in this painting, as well as references to the three medieval re-enactment societies I have been a member of over the years.

I decided on the title, once I observed that the bishop in his vestments seems to be strolling through a garden filled with armoured figures ( most of which are also the bishop).

I painted this after I had completed a commission for the sister of friends of ours a gift for their wedding anniversary. The painting had to include references to all their various interests. I may blog about that one at a later date!

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