Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Making 'Darstadly In Motley: Part Three

 The Tabard

I originally saw this as having teardrop sleeves and being fastened with a hook at the shoulder. I soon, however, revised this design to a more traditional herald’s tabard with a popper fastening at the front of the left shoulder.

I used flat sewn motifs, interspersed with padded hearts and fabric painting to achieve a common style to the heart livery.

I decided that the back of the tabard should represent t he back of the card, being blue brocade, edged in white.

Here are some pictures showing the tabard in production.

The sleeves:

The Body
First layer front and back:

The rest of the hearts, the arches and the base of the yellow stripes were now added.

The zigzag braid decoration was then added

This shows the front of the tabard nearly completed. It just needs some additional braid and the central three heart motif.

After that the back of the tabard was given a white border to represent the back of the card

The red sleeve was given a blue border with yellow braid edging.I then made a template for the yellow trefoils and painted them onto the blue border in white fabric paint to give a good solid base. I then over painted them in yellow.

The sleeves and body were then lined and sewn together and the poppers sewn to the front release.

In Part 4, I will deal with the doublet.


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