Wednesday 25 October 2017



This is an acrylic painting I did some years ago.

Two Italian youths in love...

Until next time


Wednesday 18 October 2017

Father and Son

This is an ink painting I did some time ago.

It is  based on the end of the Arthurian legend - the final fatal confrontation between Arthur and Mordred at Camlan.

I have set them literally in the fog of battle and it's clear that Arthur's sword is just about to open Mordred's throat .

To date, this is my only Arthurian picture, but, given that my Sister-outlaw is Dr Kari Maund ( expert in early Medieval history), who looks pained whenever anyone mentions the utterly fictitious king, this is not entirely surprising....

Until next time


Wednesday 11 October 2017

Louise's butterflies


My friend Louise lives in Bristol and commissioned me to paint some small murals in her bedroom.

I chose butterflies for this and painted them in acrylic.

Here is the Tortoiseshell

This is the Red Admiral

and here is the Peacock
and here they are in context

I am quite pleased how they came out and she was very happy with them as well.

until next time


Wednesday 4 October 2017

Persephone & Aphrodite


Here is another of my classical cartoons.

Teddy was MC at a costume convention once and, spotting that one entry was the Goddess of Spring and her daughter, Queen of the Underworld, carefully checked how to pronounce the name of the daughter.

He had it right until one of his friends jokingly read it phonetically.

When the time came, it came out wrong...

I sold the original of this one at Eastercon this year.

In other news, I think that 1 & 1 have finally come up with a solution to my problems with my website. Consequently, I will have to spend some time working on the domain and subdomain before all is back up as before. Please bear with me.

Until next time