Wednesday 26 April 2017


Over the Easter weekend I was attending the annual national science fiction convention in Birmingham.

As usual, I took some uniforms to wear as hall costume.

There was a Regency Dance on the Friday night, so I wore Ball Dress for the 18th Hussars.

I also wore a Civil Diplomatic uniform that I had been lucky enough to find at the re-enactor's fayre I had been to at Cressing Temple the previous week.

The coat looked as if it might fir, so I divested myself of the Napoleonic Infantry Colonel's coat I was wearing and tied it on. It fit, then I found out that the trousers would fit easily and looked  ( unusually - I have quite short legs) to be about the right length. It was in very good condition, with blue velvet on the cuffs and collat and proper oak-leaf braid.

Then I saw the price and bought it quickly- £35.

I tried the whole thing on whan I got home- it could have been made for me. All I had to do was mend one of the collar hooks!

I found my diplomatic folding cocked hat and added some medals and an order star and was ready to represent the Queen Empress...

On the Saturday I wore my full 18th Hussar uniform, as I had done on my wedding day last year. This time, however, I left the sword and sabratach at home...

We had a great time at the convention and I sold one of my cartoons in the artshow.

Until next time


Wednesday 19 April 2017

Working on a new oil painting.

This is the oil I am currently working on.

As usual, I am using the colour technique of under painting in Indian Red all those areas that are going to glazed over with green and under painting in green all those that are going to be glazed flesh colours

There’s still quite a bit of work to do tightening up the various elements of the landscape and figures.

I’ve some ideas for a title, but it hasn’t been settled yet.

I’ll post about it again when it’s made a bit of progress.

Until next time


Wednesday 12 April 2017

Space Corps

This is a small oil (about A5), which I sold a few years ago.

The Space Corps are always looking for a few good men...

Until next time


Wednesday 5 April 2017

Spirits of air.

I recently completed this acrylic painting.

This is another that falls into the ‘letting my subconscious out for a jog’ category.

Short of deciding that this would be sky/ air/wind  based, I let the painting lead me where it would- until it told me it as finished.

Until next time