Wednesday 27 September 2023

Elf Regard 3


This is another version of this piece of computer art

Here he is , made up and kinky.

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Saturday 23 September 2023

Handfasting 2


Our friends Annie and Chris had their Handfasting in the woods somewhere in the wilds beyond Lincoln.

The camp site had several log buildings, including a mead hall, and a fire pit surrounded by a circle of trees.

The Handfasting took place at the firepit and was conducted by Bill and Brenda Sutton, two of our American friends ( who we have often run into at Filkcons). They had come over for the ceremony (and a bit of a holiday).

I have not been to a Handfasting before and it was an interesting experience, including sanctifying a circle  and the exchange of vows.

I took part in the sword arch at the end, which went perfectly, even though we'd only done two quick rehearsals.  The swords all rose smoothly as the couple advanced and fell again behind them( nobody died....yay!).

We then all went to the mead hall for too much food and a similar amount of mead.

Here are some pictures of the cake.

We paid for an excellent cooked breakfast on Sunday morning and had a much easier journey home, getting back at about 4Pm to two most disapproving cats.

They were so put out that, when Teddy went to speak to one of our neighbours, they both followed him complaining loudly until he came back to our house.

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Wednesday 20 September 2023

Leaning Judge 5


Here is a further version of this piece

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Saturday 16 September 2023

Handfasting 1


The weekend of the 9th September was the Handfasting of our two friends, Annie ( mother of my Godchildren Jared and Elie) and Chris

 This, unfortunately, meant I couldn't attend a one-day Paladin's event at Amersham, but c'est la vie... 

 As the event was  camping in the wood somewhere in the wilds beyond Lincoln, we elected to travel up on Friday and say over at a Travelodge just south of Lincoln.

The journey up was much delayed by numerous traffic problems, but we got there in the end and were up early enough to set off for the site in good time. 

Our friend Lissa had sent us lots of maps and instructions ( including the nearest practical postcode) , but we were still going to have to locate a track of a very minor road. 

We trusted in the Sat Nav and proceeded on several very twisty and bumpy roads, many of which were causeways over streams and marshy ground.

When we were nearly there, I noticed there was a car behind us and suddenly realised it was Lissa and her daughter. So we were in the right place... 

We set up the medieval tent in the woods.

As you can see, we were not the only ones to bring a medieval tent... 

I am usually the sole occupant of our tent, but I worked out a way to get two single camp beds in. 

The walls of my tent are in two sections that hook onto the roof and lace closed at the back and front. I usually lace the back laced closed, but , with two of us it made sense to use both the front and back doors.

We set the beds off-centre, leaving space for other kit.

This arrangement is a bit cramped, but otherwise works very well.

I will post more on the handfasting later.

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, so 

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Leaning Judge 4


Here is another version of this computer art.

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Thursday 7 September 2023

Hever 2023 part 2


Another busy time coming up, so I am posting very early again...

Here's the second part of the event at Hever Castle...

I  had not overindulged on Saturday night, so was in reasonable shape to sing a mass on Sunday morning.

I  then helped M'lord de Spencer and his lady learn some medieval dance and took part in the dance display.

It was a little rainy, but it did not last long and cleared up before we had to take to the field.

I had been asked to command one side in the battle in the afternoon, as the commentator thought it would be fun for me, as  the Bishop of L'Aquila to be on one side, with a chap who plays the Bishop of Durham to command the other.

We decided our dispute would be over who had had to hear the longest confession and- of course- which of the three popes was the true pope.

Durham claimed M'lady de Spencer's confession to be the longest, but I had the notorious Lord de Spencer on my side, so trumped this claim.. I did not even have to add M'lord Neville's confession...

The format had been changed to two advances, then a combat of three champions, then a  melee.

M'lord Spencer, M'lord Neville and championed our side; Durham and two others championed the other.

It was meant o be inconclusive and, Durham and I took turns thumping each other in the middle of the field, slowly sinking to our knees and gradually winding down...

It all went very well, with the Bishop of Durham playing off me very well, culminating in me coming up behind him in the final melee, saying "I am now going to be unchristian" and stabbing him in the back.

This left me, M'lord Neville and one more of my retinue. I was judged to be triumphant and  took part in the parade ( as shown below) representing the Church Militant.

Here are some pictures kindly taken by my fellow Paladin, Frederike Gunzel and used with consent.

Once more, I practiced moderation in the evening and was bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday morning,

I decided that I would close the tent, so that I could begin packing down early, but I also wanted to take part in the battle.

M'lord de Spencer and M'lord Neville commanded and the format was the same as the day previous.

I had had a quiet word with Durham and, sure enough he happily slaughtered me in the early stages of the final melee.

I decided pack down was more important than the parade , but, even with all the preparation, it was still getting on for eight in the evening before I was packed up and leaving the site.

As usual, it was a most enjoyable event, though I am starting to notice it now takes me longer to recover from longer re-enactments...

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Wednesday 6 September 2023

Leaning Judge 3


Here is another version of this piece.

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Sunday 3 September 2023

Hever 2023


Last weekend was the August Bank Holiday and, as usual, I took part in the Hever Festival of History.

I packed the car on Thursday and drove down on Friday after lunch, arriving about 2.30.

It was good weather and I was able to set the tent up before it started to get dark.

Here are some pictures of my tent and other parts of the encampment.

The weather was still good on Saturday (if a little hot) and we had a reasonable number of public visiting our camp. I took part in the dancing and the battle in the afternoon, which was a little over -reliant on fights between champions, but otherwise fine.

It wasn't overly hot and I was able to fight in full plate , including the brigandine.

I part disarmed and took part in the parade, carrying my standard.

I didn't stay up overly late that evening and was relatively moderate with the mead.

I sang a mass on Sunday morning as usual, which went well

I will post more later.

Until next time