Wednesday 30 August 2017

Small Game Hunter 3

Another in my series of Lilliputians is the Fair Midshipman Onunese Anphilatus ( Lilliput 1735)

I based the names on the common names of butterflies and the Latin names derive from my warped pun-driven mind... ( I did have fun deciding on the most appropriate spelling...)

The label on the back is as follows:

until next time


Wednesday 23 August 2017

Small Game Hunter 2

Here is another Lilliputian.

This is a Scarlet Major Lobstercote Defendigus ( Lilliput 1731 )

As before, there is a label on the back:

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Wednesday 16 August 2017


This is an acrylic painting of a superhero in relaxed and reflective mood.

It is called Icefire.

Until next time


Wednesday 9 August 2017

Small Game Hunter 1

When we were staying with our friends Alison and Mike in Cheltenham I noticed that they had a small wooden plaque amongst the other pictures on one of their walls. Upon this plaque was a small clay figure of a man in Georgian clothing.

I ,being me, remarked that it lacked a label indicating the species , location and date of collection.

This led directly to a visit to the local branch of Hobbycraft and the purchase of several wooden plaques and a quantity of Fimo.

This is the first of my Lilliputians: The Dun Apprentice  Uthotadea Mostliuslus ( Lilliput 1731)

There is a further label on the back of the plaque.

I shall post further specimens anon.

Until next time


Wednesday 2 August 2017

Golden Cap

I also work in watercolour and have done quite a few landscapes.

These often appear in my other paintings as part of my Landscape of Dreams.

This is a big watercolour, using a whole A1 sheet.

It is of Golden Cap in Dorset, which is near to Charmouth, where I used to go on holiday when I was a lad.(Apologies for the reflection, but this one has been framed and hanging in my Dad's house for many years).

Until next time