Wednesday 15 May 2024

Regency Stock 2


Having cut out the pieces of my regency stock , I started to make it up.

First, I loosely box-pleated the facing to the back. I wanted to simulated the first turns of a cravat.

Next, I sewed the folds down and made up the buckle tab and strap.

I then machine sewed the tab and strap to the front of the stock and hand finished the back.

Finally, I carefully marked and eased open the holes for the buckle studs and whip-stitched them open.

Here is a picture of the completed stock and a close up of the buckle end

It fits me ( without being too tight) and I have also experimented with tying a cravat over it.

This achieves a fuller, more pleasing effect.

Another successful project completed...

Until next time


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