Thursday 9 May 2024

Regency Stock 1


I am going to be attending a Regency Ball, for which I will be wearing Ball Dress for the 18th Hussars.

For a Ball I would usually be wearing a cravat, but, as the Hussar Dress buttons at the collar, there is not room for a cravat.

Thus, I need a stock.

Luckily, I hard already bought a stock buckle

This has three studs that attach to the stock through round holes. The buckle can then be removed when the stock need laundering.

Next I found pictures and patterns on line and calculated the stock's dimensions. This included making a newspaper strip to check the length.

With Teddy's help, I cut out the backing, facing, buckle tab and strap. I decided to make the facing three times the width of the backing to give the stock a reasonable fullness.

Here are close-up pictures of the tab and strap pieces open (cut to a fold)

and folded

I will post later on making it up.

Until next time


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