Saturday 18 May 2024

Judge Declan 1


I have been working on a strip version of my adult comic Bright Judges.

This will, eventually be posted in The Garden of Dubious Delights ( there is a link a the base of Gay Art page of my main website -for those who like that sort of thing) 

The action takes place in a alternate reality very loosely based on the Mega City One Universe.  

The concept is inspired by the Dark Judges stories, where Judges from a warped dimension where life is a crime cross into the Mega City dimension and cause havoc. They were Judges Death, Fear , Fire and Mortis , along with two female character called Judges Phobia and Nausea

Well, if you can have a dimension where life is a crime, you can have one where sex is the law. I therefore came up up with the Bright Judges: Judges Sex, Love, Lust and Leather and two female Judges Fantasy and Ecstasy.

I have already completed one story, where Judge Alvin and a citizen encounter Judge Lust.

For this new story, the protagonist this time is Judge Declan, who gets a little tied up when he meets Judge Leather.

This story will black and white, but I thought I should do a cover picture, so have done some compute art, 

This is the first variant of this. Many further variants will be posted later.

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