Wednesday 20 April 2022



It takes quite a long time to paint a picture in oils. When it is finished the painting need to be varnished, but one cannot do this immediately. The painting need to be at least six months old before varnish can be applied.

This means that the painting has to be put aside somewhere it won't be damaged.

I have tended to hang my finished works and, as some of them are hung on the staircase wall, some of them are not easy to get down again. I am also prone to deciding to rework previously finished paintings ( in so far as a painting is ever finished...)

Consequently, there were eight painting of various sizes dating back to 2009 that had yet to be varnished and I decided it was time to do something about this. I thought that there were nine, but one, on closer inspection had already been varnished.

I have now varnished seven of these and have started reworking the last one- Typically, it is the one that is the most difficult to get back on the wall and will require a ladder to be set on the stairs and lent on the box room wall....

Anyway , varnishing equalises the sheen on the surface of the painting, protects the surface and adds luster to the colours.

Here is a new image of an old painting after it has been varnished.

This one is only A5 size.

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