Wednesday 27 April 2022

Sanctuary rework 1


I mentioned earlier that I was reworking a painting I did in 2009.

This is how I left it then.

There were a few things that i had started to notice and I decided to forego  varnishing it and try to improve the painting.

The main thing I wanted to change was the hair on the blond angel. It now looked like there was too much of it.

I started by using white body and glazes to correct the hair  equalize the colours on the figures and give a ground to work up from.

I also dedided to reduce the hair on the black-haired angel.

I also added a white glaze to the water and the distant landscape and reworked the blue areas of the sky.

This is what it looks like after the first session.

I am continuing to work on it and am taking photos after each session. 

I will post more on the painting's progress.

Until next time


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