Sunday 17 April 2022

Restoring wall plaque


Early in my father's life, he collected several wall plaques relating to things he had done.

As some of these were heraldic, he passed them on to me.

They included two mementos from his time in the army: plaques for  the  Royal Artillery and Sandhurst.

Most of the plaques were in excellent condition, but the varnish on the  Sandhurst one had somehow become extremely dark and discoloured and the Sandhurst badge was obscured.

Recently, I decided to try to thin, or clean off the varnish.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo before I started, so am having to rely on a blow-up from the background of another picture to provided a very vague idea of  what it used to look like,

Once I started gently using varnish remover on it , however, some of the paint also came off.

I rebuilt the surface with gesso  and spent some time carefully repainting it.

I think it has come out quite well.

Here is a close up.

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