Wednesday 25 September 2019

Amersham 2019


I usually do an English Heritage event at Hever castle with the Paladins, but, unfortunately, this year it was on the weekend after I came back from the Dublin Worldcon and  not only was I still very tired, but I had also picked up a rather nasty cold bug at the con, so I decided that it would be better not to attend.

The next event I went to was at Amersham on 8 September. This is a nice one day show that I have done several times before.

I gave my friend Sandy a lift and took my awning, my standard and my new gonfalon of St Michael  ( which I been planning to unveil at Hever).

We had a slightly better part of the site this year and a far flatter tourney field. Also, as a few members of the Medieval Combat Society had joined us, we were able to do one fight each and then the melee. It was not very hot, but this still made it easier in six stone of plate. All in all the show went very well and we had quite a lot of interest and a very reasonable quality of punter.

Here is an old photo of me in combat against Sir John Chandos ( my friend Tony)

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