Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Steampunk Machine

I have been collecting various bits and pieces for some time with view to creating machines to break the laws of God and Man.

Here is my first CREATION (bwahahahahah!)


Front View of Emitter Assembley( above)

Occulus Sancti Array (below)

Trigger and base view ( with Occulus Sancti array disengaged)

The basic weapon concept was , obviously,based on a heavy crossbow, or arbalest

It is constructed from brass and painted wood, with blessed steel for the Occulus Sancti Array.

The device emits sanctified aetheric energy derived from the eyeball of a saint housed in the Occulus Sancti Array.This is designed to disrupt the motive power of revenants, zombies and other forms of the reanimate departed.

Until next time


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