Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Differencing Arms: 1

As King of Arms for the Far Isles Medieval Society, I was asked to produce arms for the newly created Marquisate of Endor’s Keep.

This honour was to be bestowed on the Prince and Princess of Dracenwald , a SCA principality.

Endor had been a sub-group in the Far Isles. Some years before,however, all its members had departed, but its arms remained on the Far Isles Roll.

These were :
Azure above a chalice or two sword in saltire argent hilted of the second hilts in chief debrused by a ram’s head couped proper.

This looked like this:

Obviously, Endor’s Keep could not have the same arms as Endor.

Their arms must, however, be related. Thus, Endor’s arms must be differenced.

As the Marquisate was a gift from the Crown of the Far Isles to another Monarch, I decided it was appropriate to allow the use of  the enbowed oak and apple branches from the Far Isles Arms ( shown below).

These charges were usually restricted to the Crown and to arms of Guilds and Kingdom Officers.

In order to maintain the symmetry of the original achievement, I removed the chalice and replaced it with an annulet made up oak and apple branches.

The new blazon would, therefore, be:

Azure above an oak branch slipped and fruited argent and an apple branch slipped and fruited or conjoined palewise in annulet two swords in saltire of the second hilted of the third hilts in chief debrused by a ram’s head couped proper.

And it looked like this

This picture was taken from the Grant of Title, which I produced both as King of Arms and Guildmaster of the Calligraphers and Illuminators. The original size of this shield was about three cm square.

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