Wednesday 9 September 2015

Butterfly painting-update five

I spent some time looking at the painting to see if I needed to do any more work to the under painting.

In the end the painting decided that it didn’t want to be tweaked. Sometimes it is better to just carry on.
The next stage is to add a green glaze over the Indian Red under painting. For this I used Sap Green, Viridian Green, Lemon Yellow and Coeruleum Blue and Titanium White.

The foreground needs to have ‘warmer’ colour, so I mixed Lemon Yellow with Sap Green to achieve this. I had, of course to work around any flower heads and butterflies.

Viridian Green is a bluer colour and works well in the mid-distance.

Adding Coeruleum Blue and Titanium white to Viridian increases the sense of distance and is used closer to the skyline.

The picture now looks like this

Once it is dry, I will add further detail glazes to the landscape and further detail to some of the flower heads and butterflies.

For now


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