Wednesday 19 June 2024

Guards Steampunk 2


I have been working on the new cuff button flaps for my Irish Guards tunic.

I took the size from my Scots Guards tunic and bias-bound the edges of a single layer of wool.

I then added an edging of gold lace.

Next, after a lot of measuring and calculating, I hand sewed false buttonholes in cream wool tape.

The Irish Guards are the fourth regiment in the Household Division and have their buttons grouped in fours. Thus they have four buttons on each tail flap and four on each cuff. I decided to stick with this on my version.

I will, however, be re-using the small buttons that came with the tunic, as sourcing replacement Irish Guards button turns out to be expensive and ( it transpires) the existing buttons are a 'brass'-type stay bright, rather than the usual silver...

I will post more later.

Until next time


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