Sunday 3 September 2023

Hever 2023


Last weekend was the August Bank Holiday and, as usual, I took part in the Hever Festival of History.

I packed the car on Thursday and drove down on Friday after lunch, arriving about 2.30.

It was good weather and I was able to set the tent up before it started to get dark.

Here are some pictures of my tent and other parts of the encampment.

The weather was still good on Saturday (if a little hot) and we had a reasonable number of public visiting our camp. I took part in the dancing and the battle in the afternoon, which was a little over -reliant on fights between champions, but otherwise fine.

It wasn't overly hot and I was able to fight in full plate , including the brigandine.

I part disarmed and took part in the parade, carrying my standard.

I didn't stay up overly late that evening and was relatively moderate with the mead.

I sang a mass on Sunday morning as usual, which went well

I will post more later.

Until next time


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