Saturday 16 September 2023

Handfasting 1


The weekend of the 9th September was the Handfasting of our two friends, Annie ( mother of my Godchildren Jared and Elie) and Chris

 This, unfortunately, meant I couldn't attend a one-day Paladin's event at Amersham, but c'est la vie... 

 As the event was  camping in the wood somewhere in the wilds beyond Lincoln, we elected to travel up on Friday and say over at a Travelodge just south of Lincoln.

The journey up was much delayed by numerous traffic problems, but we got there in the end and were up early enough to set off for the site in good time. 

Our friend Lissa had sent us lots of maps and instructions ( including the nearest practical postcode) , but we were still going to have to locate a track of a very minor road. 

We trusted in the Sat Nav and proceeded on several very twisty and bumpy roads, many of which were causeways over streams and marshy ground.

When we were nearly there, I noticed there was a car behind us and suddenly realised it was Lissa and her daughter. So we were in the right place... 

We set up the medieval tent in the woods.

As you can see, we were not the only ones to bring a medieval tent... 

I am usually the sole occupant of our tent, but I worked out a way to get two single camp beds in. 

The walls of my tent are in two sections that hook onto the roof and lace closed at the back and front. I usually lace the back laced closed, but , with two of us it made sense to use both the front and back doors.

We set the beds off-centre, leaving space for other kit.

This arrangement is a bit cramped, but otherwise works very well.

I will post more on the handfasting later.

Until next time


, so 

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