Wednesday 1 February 2023

Making The Collar


As today is Candlemas Eve, I have just finished taking down the last of my Christmas decorations.

All back in the loft until next Martinmas...


This is how I hade the studded leather collar for Teddy's faux-Viking costume in the 2019 Worldcon masquarade.

I used my re-enactment Bishop's Collar as a template and cut out the leather.

I then hand sewed a fold of softer leather round the neck opening.

Next I hand sewed strengthening panels onto the ends to support the straps.

Next I experimented with designs for the brass and amber.

Then I riveted the straps to the collar

Next I worked out a formal pattern for the decoration.

once this was established I could add the brass. These were buttons. I punched holes for the shanks and sewed smaller buttons inside to hold them in place.

After a lot of experimentation with various types of glue, I found that none of them could be relied on to hold the faux amber onto a flexing leather collar.

I then hit on the idea of using screw rivets to attach the amber. I punched holes and attached the rivets in the set pattern.

I then used  a mixed epoxy resin glue to fix the faux amber to the screw rivets.

This method worked very well and the collar survives intact.

I will post later about the belt.

Until next time


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