Wednesday 8 February 2023

Making The Belt


Making the belt for Teddy's 2019 Worlcon costume presented some challenges.

The belt was described a broad and had to proved a level of support, so I soon settled on a  wrap-around tapering design.

I could not easily find a long enough piece of leather to cut it out in one piece, so I opted to make it in three pieces, with the joints at the side to the rear, so as not to be obvious.

I also decided to butt-stitch the joint, using skills I had learnt whilst making scabbards for my re-enactment swords.

This shows one end attached.

Once both ends were sewn in place, I carefully cut a slot for one end to pass through.

Then , as I had done with the collar,I played about with designs for the brass and amber studs.

Obviously, there was no point in putting studs under the wrap-around belt,or at the back, so the design concentrated on the edges of the front , wide part of the belt.

Then I used the same method as the collar. I attached the brass buttons( via punched holes) with small buttons sewn on the back and punched holes for the screw rivets.

The faux amber was then glued to the screw rivets with epoxy.

and I attached a buckle to complete the belt.

This item also survived without damage.

That concludes the items I made for Teddy.

However, I may yet post about how I made my costume

Until next time


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