Wednesday 4 January 2023

Worldcon Group Green


Happy New Year.

Teddy and I took part in a costume set for the 2019 Worldcon in Dublin.

The set was based on the Saga of the Exiles by Julian May.

I have previously posted about my costume( all my own work)

Teddy's character had elected to be sent back in time dressed as  his idea of a Viking.

From the description in the book we deduced that this was a very 1970's idea of what Vikings looked like.

The description even included a pre-Viking Scandinavia helmet.

This is how it turned out.

The photo is by Andy Trembley ( used with permission).

I made the leather collar and the broad belt. These are decorated with brass and amber studs.

I also made the vitrious spearhead, which was my first attempt at casting in resin. .

Finally, I made the great axe.

I still think that one of the most impressive things about this costume was the beard.

Teddy is clean shaven. The beard was applied, piece by piece, to his face by one of the other members of the set ( who had learnt the method when doing a Discworld dwarf set).

It was so convincing that one of the judges thought it was a real beard.

There were a couple of Viking re-enactors in the audience. They came to find us afterwards and one of them said: 'Authenticity be damned, that was what a Viking should look like!'

I may post again about the making of the leather work and weapons.

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