Wednesday 25 January 2023

Making The Great Axe


I made some of the items for Teddy's Viking-style costume in the Group Green set at the Dublin Worldcon in 2019.

This is how I made the great axe.

As the costume concept was a sort of 1970's idea of Viking, I designed the blade as a mix between a Dane axe, an Executioner's axe and a Bearded axe

I started out with card and papier mache. You will note that I used bulldog clips to ensure I maintained a good cutting edge to the blade.

I then applied many layers of gesso, sanding down between coats.

Next I used bright silver spay acrylic.

I then masked the edge and over-sprayed with dark silver.

Using a torn-paper mask, I then started to airbrush the pattern-welding effect.

Adding layers in different shades of silver.

Until I aheived the effect that I wanted.

The Blade was then fixed to an ash pole. I still got it in my studio.

I once handed this axe to someone, who was visibly surprised that it wasn't heavy, so I think I can say it worked...

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