Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Gonfalone of St Michael


A few re-enactors' markets ago I bought the top section of processional cross (with a nice brass cross) with a brass tube section (to slot in the missing base) and a brass fitting to hang  a banner horizontally.

In medieval ( and heraldic) terms this banner would be called a gonfalone.

I made a replacement base section for the pole and wood stained it to match the top.

As my character, the bishop, is a knight of the order of St Michael, I have now painted a suitable gonfalone.

This shows the saint and archangel as a warrior of Christ ,standing over the defeated Devil.

Once I have added suspension tabs and a backing I will post again, showing the gonfalone on its pole.

When completed, this will give me three types of flag outside my tent, as I already display a banner and a standard.

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