Wednesday 3 July 2024

Guards Steampunk 4


Having finished the cuffs, I now moved on to the epaulettes.

I decided that I would not reproduce the wing epaulettes of the original uniform.

I measured the epaulettes of my Scots Guards tunic and the epaulettes I bought for my Napoleonic Line Officer tunic.

I decided that I did not want the epaulettes to be as rigid as the Napoleonic ones, so opted to only stiffen them with one layer of canvas.

Once I had sewn the wool to the canvas, I measured the position and length of the button hole, cut it and button-hole stitched the raw edges.

I then hand sewed the  wool tape round the button hole.

Next  I hand sewed the edging of gold lace. This required me to hand pleat the lace round the end curve of the epaulette.

I will post more later.

Until next time


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