Wednesday 3 April 2024

Eastercon 2024


I have just come back from the Eastercon, which was in Telford this year.

Both Teddy and I have had quite gunky colds (non-covid) which have proved very persistent and are failing to obey the usual progression.

As Teddy's version causes him to cough for long periods during the night, he decided to stay home.

I had pictures in the artshow and was giving our friend Julie a lift, so went without him.

It was held in a conference centre with adjacent hotels, which I usually do not like. In this case, however, the hotel was very close to the centre, so it wasn't a problem.

The centre also had a large central bar area which made meeting and conversing with lots of people pleasantly easy.

I attended more program items than I usually do, ranging from archaeology of bones, via regalia and robes and the use of fairy tales to comedy and the Muppets.

I was please with my artshow display ( which I may post about later when I've furkeled the photos) and sold two items:



British Woodland Cryptofauna, all in all, an excellent result.

Driving to and from the convention was a bit of a pain due to weather  and delays caused by other drivers not driving right for the conditions, but  I enjoyed this convention more than the previous time I'd ended up going on my own.

Until next time


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