Wednesday 28 February 2024



Not long ago, I  had to attend the funeral of  a former member of the Paladins of Chivalry who sadly died many years before her time.

We were told that it would mostly be a celebration of her life and, in keeping with her philosophy, we should wear what we liked -but ti be sure to wear fabulous shoes.

Now, I don't have much fabulous footwear- but I do have hessians and with hessians one has to dress appropriately...

Teddy took this picture when we had come home.

 I wore black jeans and the black Georgian shirt ( with black and gold lace) and black grograin silk waistcoat from my Purple Pimpernel costume. These are the last two items that still fit from that costume, now my chest measurement has increased to 44 inches  ( it must be all that sword fighting in armour...).

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