Wednesday 26 April 2023

Eastercon 2023


As I have posted previously, my father died on the Tuesday before Easter.

I had just left him in a care home for two weeks respite care, so I would not worry whilst being away at Eastercon over the long Easter weekend.

I was persuaded that we should still go, as having people round me would be better than sitting at home.

We were giving our friend, Melusine, a lift and she arrived on the Wednesday.

We set out on Maunday Thursday about lunchtime and made reasonable time, despite a few traffic delays.

Teddy helped me set up my display in the artshow, where (for the first time in many years) none of the pieces had been shown before. I had many positive comments about my paintings- and no few groans at some of the puns in my cartoons..

It was a good convention and  I attended  seeveral program items of interest. I even managed to avoid spending too much in the dealers' room ( Though this was partly due to Teddy buying a substantial number of books that I will be reading after him).

The art show was trying out a new format. It was instant sale, rather than bid/auction. I think this is an improvement, as very few pieces went to auction in previous years.

I sold one small painting, called 'Nuthatch'

and a cartoon

I suspected that these were the two most likely to sell and am particularly pleased that they were bought by two of my friends.

There was no masquarade, but there was a 'wear something fabulous' mixer. I wore an alternate history take on my 18th hussar uniform. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures, but I plan to don it again and get some, so I can post more on that later.

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