Saturday 19 November 2022

Oil pastels


I have blogged previously about my first attempt at using oil pastels.

I have now had another go (using the same found image as the first time)

I think my first attempt was a bit heavy handed and , this time, I tried to use less of the medium.

I also tried working light to dark which helped reduce inadvertent colour transfer.

All in all, I think it came out better.

Neither of the pictures fully captures the subject ( I've never been a portrait artist), but this one is much closer.

I have established that one can use fixative on oil pastels, but ( as with charcoal and other pastels) they need either be framed, or stored carefully with cover sheets, as the medium remains active.

I think, all in all, that I can revise my assessment of oil pastels to ' not impossible'....

Until next time


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