Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Sanctuary Screen


A  few years ago, for various reasons, my husband stopped coming to re-enactments with me.

Consequently, I bought a smaller tent and soon found that a camp bed took up rather a lot of it.

My husband said he'd look into the problem.

My next birthday gift was a Boer War officer's bed. This is canvas stretched on a concertinaing wooden frame, which meant I could fold the bed up during the day to increase space in the tent.

Unfortunately, the canvas was not in good shape and soon began to show signs of strain where it was attached to the frame. I spent some time ( and some experimenting ) fixing this and it it is now serving me well.

A biproduct of this was a long piece of canvas with eyelets all round it, but with raw edges where a failed  wire strengthener had been removed.

I decided I would find a use for it.

When I closed the front of the tent( as I sometimes have to do during an event) It is sometimes a bit of a faff to have to fully lace it closed. I therefore decided to rig a privacy screen that could be rolled up and suspended on the inside of the door.

I cut off the eyelets on the two long sides of the canvas and bound all the edges with twill tape.

Then I added two ring eyes to the end of a piece of dowel and bound it to the base as a weight and to aid in rolling it up.

I, of course ,decorated it appropriately.

When rolled it looks like this(the strings are for attaching it to the cartwheel spokes of the tent)

When unrolled it will look like this from outside the tent.

Hopefully, the Latin script I have painted will be visible through the inverted V of the tent door.

It translates as ' Now you don't see it.'

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