Sunday 7 March 2021

Tape Cover


With the help of one of my techie friends, I made a filk album some years ago (under my fanish name).

This included original words and music and filks of other people's songs/music- ranging from Chris 'Minstrel' Malm to  Franz Schubert.

[At that time I had a singing teacher who used to work with the English National Opera and she showed remarkable patience. I would be leaning some Mozart, or Gilbert & Sullivan and would keep coming back the next week with a new set of words...]

Once I had decided to do a tape, I had to think about the concept and the tape cover.

I recently found one of the mock-ups I drew.

I quite like the thought behind this , as it plays with the idea of both portraiture and still life.

However, in the end I chose a different title and used an existing painting, as it happened to illustrate one of the songs on the album.

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