Wednesday 16 October 2019

Fimo Judge


I have been experimenting with sculpture again.

Here is a first attempt at Judge Lust made from Fimo.

This figure is about 6 cm or 7 cm tall.

I have started  trying to make a slightly larger set of all six Bright Judges in clay.

In other news,We moved the litter tray and Bertie's food into the Living Room and kept Bertie in there, so Malfie could  go out. Malfie was then a much happier cat.

After another visit to the vet, Bertie's last blood test showed his kidney function is back to normal and the vet told us we could let him out( unless he was wobbly due to drugs). We let him out after another day or so.

He continued to get better.

A final visit to the vet confirmed that he is now OK again. We are keeping him on the special food, but he is now allowed a few treats.

Until next time


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