Wednesday 17 April 2019

small oil painting project.


Some time ago,my friend Lisa was fortunate enough to win a competition at an art shop in London. Her prize was an extremely expensive box of artist quality oil paints.

She had never painted with oils before and asked me for my help.

With my aid she painted this:

She told me that she wanted the little purple dude to be looking at a lightning strike on the horizon.

She left the painting with me to dry and said she would arrange to do more work to it at a later date.

After a while, I arranged for the box of paints and the painting to make their way back to her.

Then, some time later, she contacted me to say that it was now cleat that she wasn't going to do any more to the picture  and that she had decided that she would pass the box of paints on to someone who was more likely to use them. 

She offered me the paints and I happily accepted.

In return I said that I would finish the painting for her, though I stressed that it would be my take on the idea.

She arranged for the painting to get to me.

I have now done some work to it.

It currently looks like this:

It will have to spend some time drying again and I will post about it later( when I've done more to it)

Until next time


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