Wednesday 21 November 2018

Small Game Hunter 14


Here is the last one of my new sprites.

This is a Buff Gladiator ( Thispritses Iyamsparticus ) collected in Rome in 1851

I have just been to the Re-enactor's market ( Known as TORM). We usually go, but, after over twenty five years of re-enactment, there is usually quite little on my list.

This time, however, I had quite a substantial list. 

Teddy and I are involved with a costume set for the 2019 World Science Fiction Convention that will be held in Dublin and we need two different thicknesses of leather( in matching brown) for his costume and a set of  black seventeenth century boot butterflies and some long black feathers to go in a hat for mine.

I also wanted some black leather for remaking a large belt pouch and ready-cut half-inch strapping for armour repairs, as well as some sharp glover leather needles and a new hole-punch.

Then I needed to get some more mead for the cellar, an interesting bottle of alcohol as a present for my brother, a new medieval straw hat, an axe handle, some more herbal toothpaste from the Roving Apothecary and two metal banner-holders.

I have never before been so successful in getting stuff from the market. 

The toothpaste had been discontinued ( Bah!) and we couldn't find an axe handle, but we found everything else and ,in addition I bought an interesting Marmalade Whiskey Liqueur ( that just had my name on it !) , found some good black linen to line the doublet of my costume with , got some good linen thread for leatherworking and found a nice small set of bellows to replace the cheap ones I've been using for years.

I also got enough leather strapping to last through several years of broken armour straps and bought a solar topi that is need for another member of the costume set.

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