Wednesday 11 April 2018

Eastercon part 2


Here is a picture of the Georgian 1740's outfit that I wore on Easter Sunday, complete with clocked stockings, beaver felt tricorn and brown tie wig.

I received over 40 hall costume tokens...

That evening ( and after I had changed back into jeans and T-shirt) I took part in a programme item of sketches.  My part of this was to demonstrate the Builders' Tea Ceremony ( as dating back to the Mid eighteenth  century), which I had written.

The Ceremony was presided over by the Foreman ( or Gaffer), who served tea to the Lag ( or Old Lag) and the Lad ( or , in our case, the Lass). The ceremony was full of ritual phrases , the correct was to rotate the teapot, how to stir your tea ( with the handle of a fork) and the correct procedure for dunking and eating a biscuit.

We had great fun performing it and it seemed to go over well.

Our journey back on Monday was better than the journey up, but marred somewhat by Teddy getting a  bad stomach upset from something he ate at a cafe we stopped at for lunch , resulting in me having to make a couple of emergency stops on the hard shoulder for him to be ill.

Still, once it was out, he felt a lot better and was OK for the last bit of the journey.

Until next time

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