Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Christmas Greetings

Salutations and a very Merrie Christmas!

Happy Third Day of Christmas.

This year we had an Advent Calender, I haven't had one for more years than I can remember ( it could be a long as twenty or thirty years)

Teddy found this one at a Christmas fair when we were in Derbyshire. It came as a single sheet that you pop the pieces out of. You set up the tree and the treehouse and add the animals, birds, baubles and presents.

We are going to take it apart and try to use it again next year.

Teddy and I spent Christmas Day in our usual fashion. I went to have Christmas Lunch with my father and he set about spreading as many swing projects as possible about the living room.

As Teddy doesn't eat any of the traditional Christmas food, it makes more sense for him to cook something for himself at home, whilst I cook for my father.

Teddy prepared a stuffed porkbelly roll and had a toffee steam pudding for afters.

Dad and I had roast duck breasts with red cabbage with orange, bread sauce, pigs in blankets and roast potatoes all washed down with a very acceptable claret. We got through that in time for watching the Queen at 3.00.

 Then we had Christmas pudding with my hand-made brandy butter with a nice glass of madeira, of course, followed by figs, nuts, dates and satsumas.

I helped clear up and returned home in good time to see Dr Who at 5.30.


Until next time


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