Wednesday 27 September 2017

Spiral Path

This is a very large watercolour that I painted when I was still at College, some Mumble mumble years ago.

I was experimented with circular forms and composition. The name refers to my drawing the viewer's eye round the images in a curving motion.

I used a whole A1 sheet of paper.

I am currently having some problems with my website. 1 & 1 recently upgraded to Windows Server 2016 and the header banners and some of my pictures disappeared.

I am also currently unable to add new pictures, as the website builder won't convert them to web size format. Thus they come on as about ten times too large and only show a small section of the image.

I spoke to 1 & 1 and they have got the main site back up, but have yet to solve the picture problem.

I then checked my linked sub-site and found it also had the same problems.

I've  found that I can still use some of pictures I had on my old site, so I've added a Gay Art page to my main site for some of my milder gay themed artworks.

I tried deleting the sub site and starting from scratch, but this did not solve the problem, so ( as they refuse to deal with me by email ) I will have to have another long phone call to 1 &1 ( last time i found myself talking to someone in the Philippines...) ,. I just hope I'm not being charged for international calls....

Anyway, please bear with me. If it's not sorted out soon, I may have to consider closing this account and moving to another provider. I know of Go Daddy, but if there are other reliable easy to set and use web hosts out there, I would be grateful if people could pass them on to me...

Until next time


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