Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Bodies in Motion

Whilst I do not claim to be able to articulate the full meaning of my work, most of it has a plan, or some initial concept.

On occasion, however, I am of a mood to let my unconscious out for a jog.

 I just paint and see what happens. I did this more often when I was at art school and sometimes I look at old painting to see if they will spark a new image.

I usually do this in acrylic, as the faster drying times and opacity of the paint allow more immediacy and for elements to be altered, or painted out. I carry on working on these images until they tell me to stop.

 I am sure there are lots of interpretations for this picture, but I  think I’ll leave it as ‘ this seems to is kind of what I was feeling at the time’

This example is called  'Bodies in Motion'. It is in oils and reused elements of these two much older paintings: Cry Wolf (acrylic on board) 

and Phases (oil on canvas).

Until next time


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