Wednesday, 7 September 2016

King Guy

Both Teddy and I used to be members of a medieval re-enactment society called The Far Isles.

The society did not do public display, but operated purely for the amusement of its members.

Members could choose to portray characters from anywhere in the world between the years 500 and 1603, as long as they were not actual historical people.

It had started as a principality, which  become elected  after the retirement of the first princess. It then became a kingdom with an elected monarch, with a fixed term reign.  Serving Kings could be re-elected twice.

 Teddy  was the first king and served  for eleven  years.

This painting is a portrait of Teddy as Guy King of the Far Isles and was my entry in the competition for the post of Court Painter

I used the famous portrait of Richard III as my inspiration and dressed King Guy accordingly.
In the background of Richard’s portrait is the abbreviated Latin : Richard Rex Ang—Richard king of Englnad. So I did the same thing for Guy Rex Insulae Ultimae- Guy , king of the Far Isles.

It is a little unfortunate that the abbreviated form reads: Guy  Ins  Ult...

No one seemed to mind, however, and my character got the job..

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