Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Last Unicorn

A friend of mine described a picture she wished she could paint and I liked the idea.

I asked her if she would mind if I painted it and she said that would be fine.

As a herald, I was determined that my unicorn would not be just a horse with a horn. I call those Nearlycorns

A true unicorn has the body and head of a horse, the tail of a lion, the legs of a stag, and the beard of a goat and the twisted horn (probably of a narwhale)

In order to get the feeling of the lightening strike, I need to show the bones and spent some time researching the skeletons of horses, deer and lions.

I then spent some time joining these together so they looked like one creature and painted the resultant skeleton in shades of electrified blue.

I then added the flesh in layers to try to get the partially transparent effect.

The background I worked in airbrush and fine brushstrokes to get the wave effect of driving rain.
I am still quite pleased with the result.

I sold the painting at Loncon in 2014.

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