Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Adoramus Te

Here’s  an attempt to talk about the meaning behind this picture, which is called 'Adoramus Te'.

The composition is quite simple. An angel and a butterfly in a landscape.

As usual this falls within my usual Landscape of Dreams and I generally paint the things that feel right at the time without thinking too much about why they feel right.

This painting was done in 2012 and I’ve had time to think about it since.

This picture is about the relationship between the Divine and creation:
‘Adoramus Te ‘means’ We worship you’  in Latin.

Angels are creations of God made specifically to worship God.

In this picture the angel is worshipping the butterfly, which is either a creation of God, or a product of nature ( depending on your point of view).

The Divine can be found in the smallest and most delicate of creatures.

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